My Current CF Stats

Below is a list of the important numbers my CF care center looks for when determining how well I’m doing.

FEV1: 85% (8/23/12. Unchanged from previous clinic visit)

FVC: 156% (8/23/12. Up from last clinic visit)

Goal: As high as I can get them. I’m shooting for the high 80s with my FEV1 right now but ultimately I’d love them in the 90s or higher, obviously. To complete my goal, I’m being 100% compliant with my treatments and including exercise into my daily routine.

A1C: 6.2 (updated 9/26 – down .2 from previous check)

Goal: As close to, or a little under 6.0 as possible. I’m just starting the insulin so hopefully this will help keep my sugars where they need to be.

Weight: 120.0 (updated 9/6/12)

Goal: 125 lbs. I am the heaviest I have ever been, but I’m still hoping to gain 5 pounds. I have been eating four large meals a day to help get to this goal, and I had to gain weight BACK after losing it following the egg retrieval. 

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