Gaining Weight. . .

Gaining Weight . . . slowly but surely!

For the first time that I can ever remember, I am weathering a sickness without losing weight!!!

Honestly, this is a huge success for me!! Every sickness I have had has been accompanied by a decent amount of weight loss, but not this time around!

In fact, last night as I jumped on the scale before my shower, I clocked in at 115.0 which is awesome because fully clothed I don’t even normally clock in at that. I weighed myself after putting on PJs and I went up to 116.8!!!!  Sorry for all the exclamation marks but this is huge!

I went through one spurt of growth in college where my weight got up to around 120 but then dropped it quickly after realizing I was diabetic which led me to restrict carbs to stay off insulin.  Other than that, my weight has been an issue since the day I was born. 

I remember being in high school, 5’4″ and weighing in at 97 pounds.  Now, in high school I was so concerned about my body image that I didn’t tremendously worry about this weight. Even so, I was eating everything under the sun, just not putting on the weight. Now, if I drop below 105, I’m freaking out.  It’s funny how perspective changes as you get older. 

So now, my height hasn’t changed but my desire to gain (and keep) weight surely has. When we got back from our Disney vacation at the end of July, I was about 107 which was partly due to water loss while we were down there.  So from the beginning of August until the beginning of September, with the help of insulin and milkshakes, I have managed to put on about 8 pounds.  I’m beyond ecstatic!!

So today, as I head off with my family to an outdoor end-of-summer, beginning-of-fall festival, I will enjoy eating a deep-fried twinkie or deep-fried snickers bar to celebrate my gains 🙂 I mean, it’s only appropriate, after all! 🙂