My Insurance Theme Song!

Two nights ago, David and I went to pick up my prescriptions, only to be astounded by the price they quoted us.  To be fair, we had been warned about this months ago from his school, but when it never happened at the first of the year, we honestly forgot about it (that was our mistake).  Suddenly, all of our co-pays (prescription and office visits) are doubled and our deductibles are higher.  For the average person who gets two or three “regular” scripts a month, this isn’t a big deal.  For a CFer who gets 5 or more “rare” drugs a month, this is a huge financial drain.

Because of all of this, I spent all day yesterday on the phone with insurance companies, patient assistance companies, and pharmacies.  It was an exhausting day.  I cried a few times, wanted to yell a few times, and sat frustrated most of the time.  We pay $600 every month for insurance. This was awesome with last year’s coverage, but this year it’s a bit harder to make ends meet.  We did manage to get a few co-pays taken care of via patient assistance programs, but the reality is I still have to find a job (and fast).

About the tenth time I asked, “Hi, what was your name again? Ok, thanks,” (always get names of people you talk to when dealing with this stuff!) I decided I needed to take a break and put on Muse (the equivalent of musical Xanax to me).  Within a few minutes of listening to one of their singles, Uprising, I was ready to take on the world again!  I decided that this song was, quite fittingly, my insurance theme song!  For those of you who have dealt with insurance companies in detail, please take a listen and tell me what you think!  It doesn’t all relate, but I tell you when that chorus came on, I was belting it out!!

Before I watched this video, however, I must say that my parents sadly got the brunt of my ranting and raving about the insurance companies. The fact that insurance companies are all in it for the business of making money rather than helping patients. The fact that they enjoy making us sweat with worry about whether a drug or procedure will be covered.  The fact that they like to make dumb errors just to force us to call in and correct the same mistake four or five times.  Yes, my poor parents got to hear it all yesterday!

All of that said, David and I are figuring it out slowly and surely, and I promise that the insurance companies will NOT destroy us!! 🙂


Amazing Thanksgiving Weekend!

I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had much time to write over the past few days.  I feel like so much has happened this weekend, and I needed a day to take it all in.

Thanksgiving was incredible.  Wednesday evening was spent with my parents, my sister, her fiance, and his two little girls.  They are adorable and we had fun doing crafts, playing Christmas bingo, and being entertained by all the wonderfully humorous musings of children.  We stayed entirely too late and I ended up getting just a few hours of sleep before we had to head off on Thanksgiving morning to my mother-in-law’s house.

Our second Thanksgiving was just as enjoyable, if not more so, than our first.  We all had a fantastic time, ate delicious food, and David and I got to spend time with our adorable niece (almost 2) and nephew (1.5). We also played UNO for a few hours, set up the Christmas tree, and listened to my favorite kind of music . . . Christmas music!!

David’s brother also helped us set up a more realistic and easier budget which showed us the importance of me getting a job next year as our insurance copays and medication costs will be doubling and we will be losing money each month.  We were really trying to keep me from working as it limits my exposure and keeps me healthier, but we can’t afford to do it this coming year.

I had been looking into jobs, but the budget made me realize that we had NO choice.  Surprisingly, I ended up getting an interview on Monday for a caregiver position for a 2.5 year old little girl.  I figure it will limit my exposure to just one child which is better than subbing for me.  I ended up getting the job and will only be working Thursdays for now.  In the spring it will more than likely turn into 4 days, 5 hours each day which will give us more than enough to keep us afloat.

There have been so many blessings that it’s hard to count them this past week.  I am so grateful for the chance to work again and be able to help our family financially.  I also am grateful for my husband and the hard work he continuously does to ensure I stay healthy and happy.  I couldn’t have married a kinder, more caring man that’s for sure.

Unfortunately tonight I had more blood in my mucus.  I have been doing really well, but tonight after clearing my throat and then coughing I brought up a nickel sized amount.  It worried me, but I’m also wondering if it’s from my nose (draining down my throat) as it has been cold and dry here.  If it happens once more, I’m calling the doctor that’s for sure.  I think it’s so difficult for CFers to walk the line between being too cautious and not cautious enough.  It’s a constant juggling act.

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend, and I also wish you all a blessed and happy week ahead.