Halloween and November Blessings

Last night was a blast! Halloween is, by far, my husbands favorite holiday. He loves to decorate, he loves to see the costumes, and he loves to watch me hand out candy so he doesn’t have to do it. This year was spent with our normal family traditions: eating big macs (a tradition passed down from David’s father), watching scary movies, and enjoying our decorations.

Yes, our decorations are fun, and for many kids they are scary. We always have kids who have to bring mom/dad to the door because they are too scared to go alone, and we have other kids who hesitantly walk up on their own (parents laughing in the background), and they sit there and stare. This year we actually had a child try to come in our door to touch the decorations, and we had another girl who was so impressed with “Feddie Koogles” that she kept asking everyone to come see him.


A little different than last year, and you can see our orange and purple lights in the background on the walls. Also you can see the awesome cobwebs that David put all over the lower wall.


Oddly, we had a lot of kids pass our house up this year as well. We’ve never had that happen before, but apparently other adults had the same issue. I’m not sure if kids just are unsure of how to trick-or-treat anymore or what. Although our trick-or-treat hours started at 3:30 so many people weren’t even home.

Overall, we had a great time and we were out of candy by the end of the night! I always enjoy our Halloween celebrations, and I’m not sure what will happen once we have a kid. I’m sure they will change quite a lot.

On to November!

Since it’s November 1, it is time to start my “what I’m thankful for. . . ” each day I post this month. I have so much to be grateful for that it is quite hard to pick out just one thing to celebrate with each post so sometimes I will have more than one. Today is one of those days.

Today (and everyday) I am thankful for God. I have received many blessings recently, and I know that He is responsible for them all. I am overwhelmed by His love and power, and I don’t know what I’d do without Him being such a big part of our lives. We are so blessed each and every day.

Today (and everyday) I am also thankful for my husband. David has been working very hard recently, and he has been helping me pick up some slack at home when I’m not feeling well. He has basically been running the house and managing a full-time job on top of it. I am so impressed by his dedication and love to me, and I wish I could do more for him.

As November continues, I encourage everyone to take a minute and think about what you are thankful for today!!


Two Thanksgivings = One Very Happy Belly!

Wow, it’s hard to believe that Turkey day is finally upon us! For the past 5 years now, David and I have been enjoying two Thanksgiving dinners every year.  It’s really the best way go about the holidays if you ask us because we get to experience each holiday we love twice!

This year, we will be spending the day before Thanksgiving with my family.  My parents are making turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, cranberry casserole, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, homemade potato rolls, and I’m bringing corn casserole and strawberry fluff.  My mom is also taking the time to make a pecan pie which ought to be quite delicious as my mom is a pretty good baker!  For those of you who do not live in the United States, it’s probably hard to fathom this much food for a small family get together.  It’s a lot of preparation and dedication in order to get it all on the table in time, and we always feel bloated and tired a few hours after enjoying our meal.  Despite the work, it’s worth it when you bite into that savory turkey! Thankfully, I’m enjoying two meals without any of the work (other than  little bit of clean-up)!!!

Actual Turkey day will be spent with David’s mother, his brothers, their wives, and their children, and his great-aunt. It should be a fantastic day filled with more good food and lots of enjoyment with our 1 1/2 year old nephew and almost 2 year old niece.  My mother-in-law always goes above and beyond with Thanksgiving as well.  We usually have a very similar menu to the one my parents make, but she also makes an amazing lasagna or mac % cheese every year as well. Absolutely delicious.  Usually we spend the majority of the day there afterward just hanging out with the family, and I’m looking forward to it this year!

As we get so very close to Thanksgiving, I want to share two things that I am grateful for today.  The first wonderful blessing was a visit from my college roommate who also happens to be one of my best friends.  She is one of the best women in the world, and I am so blessed to have gotten to know her as well as I have over the years.  A couple of years ago, she moved away from Illinois with her husband and therefore only makes occasional trips back here.  She is in town for her birthday this year, and she took the time out of her schedule to stop by, have dinner, and just hang out like we did back in our college days. It was so wonderful!! What a blessing!

I am also grateful for insulin.  Up until this summer, I have put off going on insulin for as long as possible. Once hearing that I had to gain the weight, I reluctantly started using it.  Well, with Thanksgiving here, I am so grateful to be on it now.  I used to restrict myself, especially at holidays, but this year I’m eating as much as I want of anything and everything.  I’ll be able to just cover myself with insulin and not worry about it.  Look out turkey…here I come!!

I doubt I will post again before Thursday so I sincerely wish you all a blessed, family-filled, safe, and happy Thanksgiving!!

A Writing Rut

Despite the fact that dear hubby and I had a wonderful weekend, I am in a bit of a writing rut. I feel desire to write, but everything that seems to come out is incoherent trash. Therefore this is going to a very brief update.

My lungs have been a bit junky over the past week, but it seems like they are getting better on their own. Last week I did have some blood in my sputum, but I think it came from my sinuses/throat. I did, however, back off of hyper-sal and Cayston for a day or two to let whatever was open heal. Hopefully everything stays healed and no more blood presents itself.

Other than that, I’m just getting ready for Thanksgiving (a week and a half away!!!) and Christmas. I’m ready to decorate the house, and I think I may start hauling boxes downstairs as early as tomorrow. Decorating usually takes me a full week for Christmas. I can’t wait to share pictures of the house and how cute it looks when I’m done this year. Each year, we add to our Christmas decorations…I wonder what our new addition will be this year??

To get me into the Christmas mood, I’ve been blaring Christmas music (yes, I’m one of those people). I have been listening to it since November 1..possibly a bit earlier? Our one radio station here changed over to 24/7 Christmas music Wednesday of last week which has just caused me to get even MORE excited. I’m sorry to those who hate Christmas music and early Christmas decorating. I know I’m a bit eccentric, but I love it :)

As we head into another full week, I am grateful for family dinners. My parents had us over last Friday and it was such a nice time. We had pot roast with potatoes, carrots, and garlic bread. Both David’s family and mine really enjoy family dinners together. We are very blessed to live so close to our families and to be able to share a nice meal with them on a regular basis.

What are YOU grateful for today?