We’ll see what happens . . .

We’ll see what happens, but I formally applied for a part-time job yesterday.

About a year ago, my handsome husband and I decided to try and make it work without me working.  We were doing fine (and really we still are) and it was keeping me home and away from the germs.  I was, in the mean time, trying to sub occasionally to bring in additional money.  I also was looking for work-from-home jobs, with no luck. 

While we are still doing just fine, we have found ourselves nervous about the new eduation bill that has gone through in our state.  Because of this, it is much more likely that my hubby (who just got tenured last year) will lose his job in any given year if student improvement is not high enough.  This created a problem for us as we were banking on the invicibility that tenure provided (not that he was slacking on his teaching performance, don’t get me wrong – he’s a perfectionist).

So we started looking at the expenses and at our savings account and we realized that we do not have nearly enough money to get us by for 6 months if he ever loses his job.  We would be fine if it wasn’t for the CF part of our lives, but with the insurance we would have to buy and the increased medical costs associated with a different insurance, we would be in trouble. 

That being said, I have been actively looking for jobs over the past two weeks and actually found one worth applying for yesterday. It’s a part time, 20 hour a week position.  This would allow me to be at home with my husband and still maintain my current, rigorous treatement schedule. The job is also doing clerical work, which means that it won’t be too intensive and I shouldn’t be exposed to too many germs.  It’s worth a try, right?

So, I’m hoping to get a call back for an interview, but until then I’ll just keep subbing my way along and trying to bring in whatever little cash I can.  It’s days like this when I feel like CF is keeping me from contributing as fully to this marriage as a normal person would, and that saddens me.  Granted, we chose to keep me from full-time work to keep me as healthy as possible for as long as possible.