Where I Have Been Over the Past Months

Hello world!

My first order of business is to apologize for the extremely long amount of time since my last blog post. Life got extremely busy at the beginning of June, and blogging take a far backseat priority for me. I’m sorry about that.

So what have I been doing?

I have been quite busy being pulled in different directions over the last few months. For starters, David finished school on May 31, and I spent the next few months enjoying my time with him. We truly love every second we get to spend together, which means the internet, blogging, and anything unrelated to “us time” just seems less important when he is off of school.

In addition, my sister had her surgery to remove her colon tumor and liver tumor on June 12. That day and the days that followed were challenging. Thankfully, she made it through the surgery, and she is doing remarkably well! The surgeons felt that they got all the cancer during surgery (although they did have to remove 70% of the liver), and my sister has now started back on chemo treatments until December. Everyone is extremely impressed with her recovery, and she’s just so happy to be here.

A few weeks after my sister’s surgery, David and I had our first IVF cycle which was a lot of doctors appointments, injections, and emotions that we had to deal with together. David accompanied me to every single appointment which was incredible. During the course of our IVF cycle, we drove approximately 1,100 miles back and forth to appointments, I had 45 injections, 7 ultrasounds, and 9 blood draws. I also had surgery for the egg retrieval, then managed to get sick on the day of the transfer.

Unfortunately our first cycle did not work. It was a hard outcome to handle, but we took the time to grieve and create a plan for our next cycle. Eventually, we will be going back to IVF, but it will be different the next time as we will be doing a frozen transfer which requires less injections, less ultrasounds, less blood draws, and no surgery. We’re hoping that since it is a lot less stressful for my body the transfer will take and we will eventually have our dream of being parents.

After the IVF cycle, we were also part of a wedding for a couple we respect and love so much. We were blessed to be in the bridal party, and we had a blast! It was beautiful to be part of their special day and to watch them exchange their vows. We wish them nothing but happiness and joy in their future. They deserve it.

Unfortunately, we had to start setting up for school as soon as the wedding was over. David and I spent the last few weeks getting his classroom together to create a great library for his kids and a room that feels more comfortable and home-like. It was a lot of hard work, but boy are we proud of the result.

So, that is where I have been. Life has been crazy, but it’s finally settling back together where I will have more time to blog. Sorry about the lack of posts, and thank you for staying with me during this crazy time.



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