Room for Improvement

One thing that I like to do at least once a month (though it’s more often once a week) is look at my life and find areas where I can improve. I firmly believe that, as humans, we are prone to error and even negative behavior/words hurt others. I like to reflect on things which I feel that there is room for improvement and then make a plan on what to do to fix the problem. Over this month, I’ve realized a lot of areas that need a bit of improvement in my life.

1) Housekeeping. I am not a good housekeeper, but I wish I was. I have been working on implementing a daily cleaning schedule, originally taken from, and then adapted to fit my own needs. There are still some days when I don’t get much or any cleaning done (these are usually the days when I’m not feeling well, so I try not to get down on myself for this).

2) Work on my friendships more. I’m also not the easiest friend to have. I often have to change or cancel plans because I’m not feeling well or because someone I’m going to hang out with is sick. I don’t take chances with my health, which means that I do take chances with my friendships, unfortunately. That said, I’m trying to improve my messages sent to friends (through computer or text message), or just letting them know how much I care about them. This is an ongoing process and certainly will not be fixed overnight.

3) Work on being a better wife. My husband is amazing. I could never ask for a better spouse, but I feel like I am not as good about being a great wife. I am working on listening to him more to find out what he needs, and then working to give him what he needs. Right now we are in a rough schedule where my treatments keep us up too late, which in turn causes crankiness and is bad on our health. We are averaging 5 hours of sleep a night – not good. I’m trying to work specifically on this problem right now. The issue is that we are so tired by the time he gets home from work that we take a nap, which pushes everything off by a few hours. I’m trying to push through this so that I can just do my nighttime treatment by 7 PM and be in bed before midnight.

4) Exercise. Ahhh, my least favorite, but most necessary part of my day. I hate exercise, but my lungs crave it. I’m still working on getting in daily elliptical sessions while also including Yoga three times a week. The weather around here has been pretty mild recently as well, which means I need to start working on taking Maya (our dog) for a daily walk. It would be good for her and me.

5) Scheduling. This one kind of ties in to every single other area I need to improve upon. I need to set up a daily schedule for treatments, exercise, sterilization, work time, housekeeping time, and cooking dinner. If I have a schedule that I follow (and stick to for more than a day or two) then our life will be much calmer and easier.

So, for the remainder of this month (and next month) these are just some of the things I’m working on improving in my life. I truly believe we all have these areas in our life, and I challenge you to look at what you can improve upon.


2 thoughts on “Room for Improvement

  1. This is a good idea! Although I dont think you should get too down on yourself about your friendships and role as a wife. Im sure you are great at both, just based on the fact that you are concerned and striving to do better! Your friends probably understand about your health and are willing to make concessions in order to keep you healthy! 🙂
    I too need to keep up on housekeeping. Part of my job at work is to clean the room, so Im usually pretty negative about coming home and cleaning more. But your post inspired me and Im going to try to do a little something each day so it doesnt pile up on the weekend when I want to have fun!

  2. I am so glad that this post inspired you to try a housekeeping plan! I think it’s such a great help. I like that site’s suggestion to take 10 minutes, three times a day, to tidy things up. That has helped keep our place looking much better.

    Thank you so much also for your sweet comments about my goals for improvement. I do try very hard to be a good friend and wife, but I do see areas for improvement. My friends are, however, very understanding when things happen with my health. I’m very blessed 🙂

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