We all crave it, and we all need it within our daily lives.  I am a big fan of treasuring my peaceful moments of the day.  Treasuring peace makes me feel happier and calmer overall, so I try to find as many opportunities as possible to allow for peace.  Since everyone’s idea of what activities are peaceful vary, I figured I would share some of my favorite peaceful activities.

1)      Reading in my house (the place of the activity is very important for this one) while my husband is either sleeping or playing a game.

2)      Praying

3)      During my Yoga sessions.  I probably feel the deepest sense of calm and self-awareness during this time.

4)      At Church. I don’t even necessarily have to be there for worship because just being inside the building makes me feel at peace.

5)      Talking with a good friend.

6)      Walking my dog.  This one sometimes ends up making me frustrated depending on what happens during the walk.  More often than not, however, I find the time relaxing.

7)      During my nebulizing treatments. This one may seem odd, but I look at treatment time as 100% me-time. I make sure to do a fun activity whether it’s reading, writing, talking online, or (my newest time-consuming obsession) surfing Pinterest.

What activities allow you to feel peace?


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