And the House is Bare. . .

I did one of my least favorite activities today, taking down the Christmas decorations.  I’m actually still working on this, but I had to take a break to do my treatment.  I’m always amazed by two different things when the decorations finally come down: 1) Our house looks incredibly bare and boring.  2) Our living room is HUGE!

I hate losing all the cheer, but I love gaining the space back after everything is down.  I usually wait until the end of January or beginning of February to take everything down, but this year I’m just ready to continue on to spring!  I think part of the reason I feel this urgency is because of the crazy weather.  It’s 56 degrees outside right now . . . in northern Illinois . . . on January 10.  This is only one of many days like this recently, and tomorrow we are going to almost hit 60!  This weather is confusing everything as my friend told me she had baby birds in a nest and the violets were blooming. . . in Illinois . . . In January. Crazy.

I end up taking down decorations by myself while David is working.  He has a really hard time with the decorations coming down (it makes him sad to lose the cheer and happiness of the season), and it’s much easier if he comes home and it’s just already down.  I must say, I’m quite proud of myself this year.  I managed to get the 7.5 foot tree down, all decorations put away, AND all the furniture moved back. . . by myself! During the furniture moving process, all baseboards and floors were vacuumed, and all the furniture was dusted.  I can already feel my back telling me how stupid I was, but my lungs are feeling just fine.  Gotta love that!  Anyone planning on visiting – now’s your chance . . . the house will NOT be this clean again til summer!

After my treatment, I’ll finish cleaning a final few things, throw in a second load of laundry, and go grab green peppers for dinner: stuffed peppers!


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