A New Year!

Happy New Year all!! I am hoping that 2012 is already bringing you happiness, health, and good fortune!

I feel like I have completely dropped off the face of the technological world during the past four weeks.  Prepping for Christmas always takes me awhile, and then once David gets off of work I spend only a few minutes on the computer at a time.  I haven’t been writing much as I have been enjoying every second I can with my husband.  I will say that my iPhone was close by at all times, so I technically was not totally unplugged!

Christmas was beautiful this year as we celebrated with both sides of the family (as usual).  We did something completely different this year when we decided to stay up at my mother-in-law’s for Christmas Eve and bring our dog with us. I will tell you that we have an IDEA of what having a child will be like now – exhausting!  Being in a new place with mostly hardwood floors (which she is afraid of) was an experience for her, but she did really well overall, and she received multiple “cookies” during the course of that night and the following day.

We were spoiled rotten with gifts this year as well. We are very grateful for the continued generosity from our family and friends at Christmastime.  David and I exchanged our gifts to each other as well.  He got me 4 pairs of fleece pajama pants, a Mickey Mouse top, and socks!  I gave him two pairs of fleece pajama pants, and a Nintendo Super Mario Bros. hoodie.  We also got each other an ornament, as per tradition.  My ornament to give was a Hallmark ornament which is about our family and says 2011 on it.  David got me a Dunkin Donuts ornament (a pink donut box) which is appropriate as we have really enjoyed our donuts this year!

During the remainder of the break, we relaxed, laughed a lot, ate out a lot, watched a dozen movies, spent time with my cousins, and did very little to no work.  We did have a party for our friends as well, but I ended up having to kick everyone out to make a detour to the emergency room as I had another instance of hemoptysis.  This time, everytime I brought something up, it had blood in it.  I am now on a two week run of Cipro and have an appointment to see my CF doctor again on Jan. 12.

The new year has been relatively quiet so far (knocking on wood right now), and we are sad to see the break come to an end.  We have had time to think about what our hopes and dreams for this coming year are.  Here is what we’ve come up with:

1.  Have David make it through the school year while having his kids show improvement on Discovery assessments and ISATS.

2.  Eat healthily which includes me making more dinners at home and in turn eating out less.

and our biggest hope and dream for this year. . .

3.  Hopefully start our family.

We’ll see how this last hope and dream goes, but it’s the one we’re most excited for.

What hopes and dreams do you have for the coming year? Or what resolutions did you make (and hopefully not yet broken) at the strike of midnight?


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