Ok. . . I admit it . . .I love ribbon!

I have come to the conclusion that I was either a cat or one of Santa’s elves in a previous life because my love for curling ribbon, felt ribbon, wired ribbon, glitter ribbon, velvet ribbon, and any other ribbon currently in existence is rather extreme.  I have two small containers full of various ribbons, and I have about 15 different wrapping papers!

I’m one of those people who enjoys wrapping presents so much that she wraps every little thing in it’s own separate box so that 1) she can wrap more gifts and decorate them with pretty ribbons and 2) she can give the gift receiver a larger quantity of gifts to open.  I’m strange. I know this. David knows this. He still married me so I’m pretty sure by definition that makes him strange too, but that’s a whole other story.
Regardless, I have officially wrapped every single Christmas present (with the exception of one that hasn’t arrived yet).  I have created some really pretty bows, and a few of the presents have more curling ribbon than actual paper on them.  I am a total wrapping fanatic, and I honestly have no idea where this passion came from.  If it were feasible, I would love to own my own wrapping paper/book/coffee shop.  It would combine some of my favorite hobbies into one place – it’d be great!
When I seriously think back to when I started to develop this obsession, I realize that my mother is mostly to blame.  She introduced me to the wonders of the hot glue gun when I was in my teenage years, and then she supplied me with ribbon.  It was a dangerous combination as I spent hours making Christmas bows (I even glued little snowflakes, presents, and cinnamon sticks on them). Then, one year her multiple sclerosis was acting up so she boxed up my gifts and then had ME wrap them.  I LOVED it.
Well, I carried on the tradition this year.  My husband, who is extremely busy with school, asked me if I wouldn’t mind wrapping my own presents.  He didn’t understand the excitement that came with this question.  So, I wrapped my own gifts yet again this year!  In fact, I also wrapped gifts for my sisters and my mom.  It’s all their fault for continuing to feed my obsessions!!
I must admit though, nothing gets me in the Christmas mood like listening to carols and wrapping the gifts. It’s official, I’m ready for it to be December 25th now!
What puts YOU in the Christmas mood?

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