The Weekend Recap

Happy Monday all!

This past weekend was extremely busy and jam-packed with fun.  It started off Friday night when I was able to spend the entire evening with my sweet husband, doing absolutely nothing.  We both live for those nights because they’re quite rare around our house. Usually, we’re cleaning, working, visiting family/friends, or doing random errands/chores.  So Friday was wonderful.  I was able to see Forrest Gump for the second time (I didn’t like it the first time and the hubby convinced me to give it another try – so glad I did), and we cuddled on the couch the entire time.  Perfection may not be a strong enough word to describe Friday evening.

Then, early Saturday, we got up and started cleaning the house which desperately needed to be done.  I do a lot of cleaning throughout the week, but the vacuuming and use of harsh chemicals is saved for David because of how both activities make my lungs feel afterward.  Within two hours, the house was nice and polished and my mother-in-law had arrived to spend the day with us.  We went down to a local festival where we proceeded to eat a pork chop on a stick (most amazing food in the world), corn on the cob drenched in butter, and a deep friend warm apple dumpling topped with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce.  Talk about food heaven – it was incredibly delicious.

Beautiful Festival Tree

Although I didn't think to photograph any of the yummy food, I did manage to capture this beautiful tree!

I also considered this my OutRun CF time.  Since I registered late, and did not receive a shirt yet, I decided to walk this past Saturday and then do a walk/run as soon as I get my shirt. My bestie had offered to run with me Saturday morning, but I unfortunately slept in much later than I expected (I think the antibiotics have officially kicked in and are wiping me out).  Hopefully she will be willing to walk/run with me the second time while I wear my shirt.

After spending a few hours at the festival, we headed back the house where David, his mom, and I enjoyed a wonderfully delicious cheese and mushroom pizza (I know we shouldn’t have been hungry, but I promise you we were).  It was a wonderful time and I thoroughly enjoy the visit, as I always do when she comes over.  I am very blessed to have a very caring and supportive mother-in-law.  I can imagine many other cysters/fibros may not be this fortunate.

Following the pizza, David’s mom took off and we spent the rest of the night at a Chicago Improv show with two of our best friends.  I laughed and surprisingly did not find myself in one coughing fit the entire night – I was shocked!  It was a great show and we were very fortunate that our friends invited us along for free!! So, we spent the night out in Chicago and spent no money – pretty incredible if you ask me!

We didn’t end up getting home until about 2:30 in the morning, at which time I had to do my treatment prior to crashing.  I was actually pretty proud of myself because even a few years ago, I would have skipped the treatment to get more sleep.  Come 3:30 in the morning, when I finally rolled into bed, I fell asleep immediately.  We didn’t wake up until noon on Sunday and then spent the entire day preparing for the week – David has lesson planning, papers to grade, and more.  I help by bouncing ideas around with him and working around the house.

Today, he’s back to his usual 12 hour days at the school, and I worked hardcore on cleaning the fridge (which is why I haven’t posted until this afternoon).  Remember last week when I posted about the delicious turkey and sides that I had made?  Well unfortunately, the fridge door caught on an inside drawer last Thursday, and the fridge remained open for 5 hours.  Sadly, we had taken a nap and spent time working in the living room, so we didn’t notice the door until all the food was ruined.  Thankfully, my medication remained semi-cold, but all the meat, milk, cheese, and other odds and ends in the fridge had spoiled (I tried about 5 different things, each being spoiled, before I decided to toss everything).

The good thing about the fridge fiasco is that I rarely get the chance to have an empty fridge.  This means, I rarely take every single shelf/tray out of the fridge to clean it thoroughly.  So today, prior to getting groceries, I decided to take the time and scrub every single thing down.  I don’t think our fridge has been this clean since we moved in, and I must admit that I’m very proud of it.  Below is the result of my efforts.

Clean Fridge

Completely empty and clean (aside from my Cayston)!!!!

I hope all my readers, family, and friends had as wonderful a weekend as we did! I also sincerely wish that you each have a love-filled and blessed week ahead!!


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