Autumn is . . .

Autumn is. . . my favorite season – hands down.  My heart warms as summer starts fading intofall, and the air turns crisper and cooler. I love the way the trees start to tease us with their hints of color andI love being able to deeply inhale the scents that are associated with a crispautumn breeze: the rustic smell of leaves and tree bark, the warm smell ofcinnamon, nutmeg, and freshly baked bread, and the smell of outdoor festivalswhich have their own unique but wondrous scent. 

This fall seemed to be coming a bit more slowly than inprevious years, as summer seemed to cling onto the branches for eternity, butupon waking this morning I knew that fall was here and summer had ended.  We may get one or two more warm days, but themajority of days will be clean, cool, and sunny.  Even the rainy days seem magical to me atthis time of year. Autumn is also the season of change for me.  Obviously, the biggest change is the color ofthe leaves prior to their fall, but I also change as well.  I tend to slow down and become moreappreciative of every part of my life.  Ifocus more on family and warm, home-cooked meals.  My home turns into a festive abode, completewith the scents and tastes of the season. I also bunker down with books and some sort of craft/activity this timeof year. 
This year, my activity is improving my writing skills whichhave drastically dwindled over the past years. My current book is The TimeTraveler’s Wife (please don’t ruin it for me as I have yet to finish it orsee the movie).  My desire right now is to decorate for fall.  My taste right now is for warm bread with a nice, hearty casserole.  My favorite scent of the moment is “AutumnLeaves” from Yankee Candle.  My favoritepart of my day is relaxing on the sofa with my husband, reflecting on theblessings the Lord has provided for us. Yes, it’s fair to say that I love fall and all the aspects of my lifethat change each year as the season begins.
Is this your favorite season? If so, why?
One of the last “green” pictures of our tree line during our 1.5 mile walk.  I’ll be sure to include the changing colors throughout September and October.

5 thoughts on “Autumn is . . .

  1. Fall is my absolute favorite season as well. The smells and hearty warm foods, the cozy feeling of the chill that is starting to appear, and the anticipation of all the holidays winter will bring are the reasons fall is my favorite. You inspired me to go bake something with pumpkin and pull out my sewing machine.

  2. Inhaling Hope, I'm so glad I inspired you to make a pumpkin delicacy and get out your sewing machine!! 🙂 Autumn is such a great season for both. I make Libby's pumpkin rolls every year and haven't made one yet..I think it may have to happen!!Cindy – I saw your post about the apples but did not comment yet. Oh my goodness, I am so jealous! I love love LOVE apples, but I don't know of anywhere around here to go apple picking. Everything sounds amazing though!!

  3. Sorry, but you know me… SUMMER! It was 71 while I was waiting for the kids to finish practice tonight and I was freezing!!!! I hate being cold. Summer is warm weather, beach, pool, sunshine and beautiful green trees. Long daylight hours and warm evenings to spend outside. Sigh, we will still have a lot of warm days, but I see fall coming and I can't say I am thrilled.

  4. Bridget, since you grew up in the south, it's totally understandable that you feel this way!! I think if I lived in a place where there weren't 4 true seasons, I'd feel very similar too.

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